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Resources For Educators

There are many resources available for educators to use to promote healthy watersheds.  Some are specific for the watershed and can include activities both for a classroom setting as well as field activities.  Others are more general curriculum that have been developed at the state, regional and local level.


The groundbreaking Arcade Creek Project is an ongoing study monitoring Arcade Creek (the largest urban watershed in Northern California) run entirely by the students and science instructors at Mira Loma High School. From laboratory research to hands-on field studies, the Arcade Creek Project allows students to work in real-world situations that prepare them for college and careers beyond.  View a video overview of the 15 year Arcade Creek Project. During that time over 3,200 students have participated in the project as part of their formal education.


The California Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) is a free K-12 curriculum that teaches critical skills in science and history-social science using environmental topics, such as water and energy, as a lens; building  students’ understanding of their relationship to the environment and preparing them to be critical thinkers and 21st century problem solvers. The EEI Curriculum makes learning relevant and fun for students by engaging them in topics they care about – the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the food they eat. All content is California State Board of Education-approved and helps support Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

The California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network fosters regional partnerships throughout the state of California to promote environmental education. The CREEC Network is currently sponsored by the California Department of Education, San Luis Obispo County Office of Education, and the California Department of Water Resources. Each California CREEC Region is supported by Regional Coordinators who provide professional development and resources to educators as well as foster communication among schools and organizations interested in supporting environmental literacy of California’s teachers and students.  VFWC is located within CREEC Region 3.