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Morrison Creek

The combined flows of Morrison Creek and Laguna Creek reach the Sacramento River north of Stone Lakes Wildlife Refuge.

Both Sacramento Area Creeks Council and Valley Foothill Watersheds Collaborative assist with collaborative efforts of watershed stakeholders to improve resource management and maximize collaboration among landowners, land users, recreational users, government agencies, and conservation groups in their focus areas.

Creek Week is an annual week long event organized by Sacramento Area Creeks Council to provide education about the benefits of healthy creeks and opportunities to volunteer in local creeks throughout Sacramento County.

Morrison Creek Revitalization Project (MCRP)

The MCRP is a collaborative, community-based urban stream revitalization project along Morrison Creek in South Sacramento. Morrison Creek runs through the Avondale Glen Elder neighborhood of Sacramento and is strategically located adjacent to Sim Park, the George Sim Center, and Elder Creek Elementary School, between Power Inn Road and 65th Street.

A tremendous amount of preparatory work has already been undertaken by the project team including the collection of important data on flood modeling and more, the identification and cultivation of potential project funding, project team coordination meetings, and neighborhood community visioning workshops.

The MCRP team currently includes The Avondale and Glen Elder Neighborhood Association (AGENA), The Environmental Justice Coalition for Water (EJCW), The Sacramento Area Creek Council (SACC), Valley Foothill Watersheds Collaborative, The Sacramento Tree Foundation, Walk Sacramento, Capitol Region Organizing Project (CROP), California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Urban Streams Restoration Program, CBEC, Inc., Eco Engineering, Kaiser Permanente, and the Sacramento Housing Alliance.  The project team includes several entities that can leverage their existing resources and grant funds to benefit the Morrison Creek Project with a total commitment so far of $200,000 over three years. Funding sources include the California Endowment providing a total of $35,000 to EJCW and CROP, DWR’s IRWM Riverine Stewardship Program committing in-kind funds of $150,000 over three fiscal years beginning in FY16/17 to 18/19 for Project technical assistance, Sacramento Tree Foundation providing in-kind funds for planning and tree plantings, and SACC and VFWC providing in-kind funds for planning.

VFWC is working with the other partners to seek funds that would be used to advance the MCRP concept from its preliminary stages to a completed urban creek restoration that is approximately ½ mile in length. It would provide a safe walkable route between the school, park, and community center and enhance the recreational experience while restoring riparian habitat in an underserved area.