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Laguna Creek

The combined flows of Laguna Creek and Morrison Creek reach the Sacramento River north of Stone Lakes Wildlife Refuge. Laguna Creek flows 25 miles across broad floodplains and terraces through undeveloped, agricultural and urban landscapes.

Laguna Creek Watershed Council and Valley Foothill Watershed Collaborative assist with collaborative efforts of watershed stakeholders to improve resource management and maximize collaboration among landowners, land users, recreational users, government agencies, and conservation groups in their focus areas.  Ongoing volunteer opportunities are available through programs such as Creek Walks, Tree Planting Projects, Community Event Booth and Adopt a Reach.

Laguna Creek Watershed Council Facebook Page.

Map of the Laguna Creek Watershed

Laguna Creek Watershed Council hosts events in coordination with Creek Week, the annual week long event organized by Sacramento Area Creeks Council to provide education about the benefits of healthy creeks and opportunities to volunteer in local creeks throughout Sacramento County.