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Arcade Creek

The combined water flow of Arcade Creek, Dry Creek and Steelhead Creek flow in to the Sacramento River just north of the confluence with the American River.

Both Sacramento Area Creeks Council and Dry Creek Conservancy through ABCW assist with collaborative efforts of watershed stakeholders to improve resource management and maximize collaboration among landowners, land users, recreational users, government agencies, and conservation groups in their focus areas.

Creek Week is an annual week long event organized by Sacramento Area Creeks Council to provide education about the benefits of healthy creeks and opportunities to volunteer in local creeks throughout Sacramento County.

Mira Loma High School has an ongoing research project gathering data through the Arcade Creek Project.  They are key participants in Creek Week.  View the 2014 video made by the students about their participation.

The Arcade Creek Watershed Plan was completed by the City of Sacramento Department of PArks and Recreation in 2003.  Click the following link Arcade-Creek-Watershed-Plan-Final to view, print or download the full report.


An example of a restoration project that has been completed in 2014 as the Arcade Creek Park Preserve in Citrus Heights that is part of the Sunrise Recreation and Park District (SRPD). Restoration at three sites along Arcade Creek where banks were over-steepened and the creek was deeply incised. At each location, a terrace was created on the inside of the meander bend to take pressure off the outside bank when the creek floods. The revegetation has allowed the creek to be considerably more stable and support a healthier riparian community. View a video of the part of the stabilization of the stream bank.

The open space park in Citrus Heights also includes play areas, trails, interpretive signs, boardwalk to wetland overlook, parking, and two bridges over Arcade Creek. View the Promotional Video of Arcade Creek Park Preserve which shows all features of the park.