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Adopt a Creek

Several local governments and non-profits have developed and manage Adopt-A- Creek Programs. Adopting a creek section involves regularly performing acts of stewardship along a specified reach or portion of the creek. One of the VFWC’s ongoing goals is to identify and recruit community groups to adopt sections of their local creeks. The City of Roseville has a formalized program. DCC has recently received a contract to coordinate community events to support this program and will be recruiting volunteers for events in the Fall of 2017 and Spring of 2018.

Sacramento Area Creeks Council has a pilot project with the Arcade Creek Adopt A Creek Project and local scout groups have adopted portions of Laguna Creek and Elk Grove Creek through a program with Laguna Creeks Watershed Council.

Creek Week is an annual week long event organized by Sacramento Area Creeks Council to provide education about the benefits of healthy creeks and opportunities to volunteer in local creeks throughout Sacramento County.

Members of local neighborhood associations and scout groups regularly help with Creek Week activities along their local reaches and we are encouraging them to participate in ongoing stewardship programs.

An example of an integrated partnership in another urban watershed is the Tri-Valley Creeks Adopt A Creek Spot Program.