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VFWC Board Openings
The Valley Foothill Watersheds Collaborative
is a regional partnership that shares expertise from nonprofit, government, and private organizations to help implement priority projects for watershed health. We will help nonprofit, government, and private partners connect to pooled services and resources for project planning, funding, volunteers, integrating related projects, and outreach.

Valley Foothill Watershed Collaborative Boundaries

Valley Foothill Watershed Collaborative Boundaries

Projects will focus on:

  • Restoration
  • Coordinating Adopt-a-Creek
  • Conservation
  • Coordinating monitoring and assessment programs
  • Coordinating support for outreach events
  • Coordinating response to new legislation
  • Nonprofit development

Valley Foothill Watershed Collaborative partners will coordinate stronger projects that:

  • Meet community goals and requirements for water conservation, water quality, and greenhouse gas reduction.
  • Fit with regional processes like Integrated Resource Water Management Plans, stormwater permits, habitat conservation plans, and the Sacramento Region Blue-print
  • Collaborate on outreach, monitoring, organizing, and other services for stronger projects and reduced costs
  • Integrate and pool projects for collaborative financing
  • Are eligible for funding from fines levied by regulatory agencies
  • Have consistent access to volunteers from the region
  • Develop local nonprofits to be stronger partners
  • Create jobs- A $1 million investment in watershed projects creates an average of 18 jobs

Valley Foothill Watersheds Collaborative (VFWC) began with Dry Creek Conservancy as the fiscal agent and founding member, along with Sacramento Area Creeks Council and Laguna Creek Watershed Council.

VFWC is now an independent 501C 3 and currently working with multiple partners developing grant submissions, contracts and projects which support creek and watershed health as well as include community volunteers in project implementation. We welcome participation for sharing information and development of projects through the American River Basin Collaborative.

The 6th American River Basin Low Impact Development Conference occured on March 1, 2018 at the Cal EPA Building in Sacramento. The event was hosted by State Water Resources Control Board, Valley Foothill Watersheds Collaborative and OWP at Sacramento State.

Link to Conference Proceedings Page